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6th Grade Career Decisions Overview
Unit 1: Understand interests, attitudes, values, personality, learning styles, and skills.
1.01 Understand interests, attitudes, and values.
1.02 Understand personality and learning styles.
1.03 Understand personal and transferable skills.m

Unit 2: Understand how interests, values, and personality influence career choice.
2.01 Understand how interests and values influence career choices.
2.02 Understand how personality influences career choices.
7th Grade Exploring Animal and Plant Science Overview
Unit 1: Understand the fundamentals of the animal science industry.
1.01 Recognize terminology of common production systems used in the animal
science industry.
1.02 Understand the importance of animal product uses and consumer product
1.03 Understand responsible animal welfare and care practices and the
environmental impacts related to animal production.

Unit 2: Understand the fundamentals of the plant science industry.
2.01 Understand basic plant physiology.
2.02 Exemplify the uses of plants and plant products.
8th Grade Exploring Biotechnology Overview
Biotechnology terminology and math
Unit 1: Analyze the language and math of biotechnology.
1.01 Define terms common to the field of biotechnology.
1.02 Identify roots, prefixes, and suffixes used in biotechnology.
1.03 Use metric math and the 24 hour clock.

Laboratory Safety and Infection Control
Unit 2: Analyze methods for protecting the safety of biotech workers and the
2.01 Analyze the use of equipment and materials and apply rules for safety in the
2.02 Use correct body mechanics.
2.03 Analyze methods of infection control.
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